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Namsan Tower Fleece | Outerwear
It was 8.15, Korean Independence Day, and We were in !ndica erot!ca that took us to new heights, out of this world! What if Aliens pillaged our gummies from the warehouse And sprinkled them all over the Seoul skies? Not like bombing vibes more tender froyo mochi pieces from pink berry and it rained mochi in Seoul and everyone got h!gh ‍‍ Maybe even Kim Jung 3un got baked and disarmed the state! I mean it’s just a dream but Dream you dream alone is a dream  And Dream you dream together is a reality! MANIFEST 2022 So we illustrated the dream into only way we know how Through a new fuzzy friend to keep you warm! ‍‍ 100% Polyester


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Sundae School
Sundae School is a design studio and a craft cannabis brand that produces a range of streetwear inspired by Korean culture and the ever-expanding fabric of cannabis subculture.

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